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Well you must be wondering ‘Simple Challenge’ , how come it is simple and yet a challenge,  let me tell you the beauty of it all. Life has its own ways of throwing challenges at us and it is how we handle those determines how we come out of them.

As I moved countries trying to repatriate to my home country after 10 years of staying abroad I faced with series of challenges like missing my friends, shifting my work, change in the environment, change in the culture, thinking patterns etc. It was quite overwhelming at times and it was then some of my old friends got together and made an effort to connect to me and slowly and gradually I started feeling more comfortable. So to-day I took this opportunity to acknowledge those friends that made it happen and thank them. It felt good to be able to do so.

So now I throw this simple challenge to you to go ahead and acknowledge and thank those who made a difference in your lives and provided love/support for you. It is so simple yet most of us forget it and so I challenge you to thank at least 10 people in this coming week.

Are you ready for this SIMPLE CHALLENGE of mine ????

Share your experiences with  me !!

Be Well

Coach Nupur


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