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Hello All,

I am writing the first time in this new year so first of all I wish you a Happy and Prosperous year ahead.

The topic that struck my mind this evening was that of being Judgemental.

It is human nature to be curious and to learn and as we grow in life we tend to gather our thoughts, ideas, ideologies and perceptions. As we grow we tend to think and differentiate right from wrong and loose the child within us, the child who had no judgments but just pure heart.  A child who is often representation of God in some cultures and the reason being that child does not differ or pass judgments on others because he/she is in the purest form of life and just understands how to enjoy the gift of GOD.

A child is someone we need to learn from because it is in childhood that change and acceptance comes so easy. A child who is easy to mould into a mould of human choice like a spirit which needs to be moulded into loving the humanity and eternity in purest form.

We in our lives tend to forget how many judgements we pass in each day without even realising how hurtful it can or maybe to others, how it could ruin someones identity, how it could turn ones life around. It is these judgements that could change the course of life for anyone making a person drive to depression, negativity and loss of self  identity.

 It is very important to be aware of what are our perceptions are and that they could differ from those of others. It is what one learns from ones experiences over period of time and so it differs from experiences of others and hence perceptions of others. When we pass judgement all we say is our perception is the right one without respecting or understanding the perception of others.

So being mindful is very important aspect of being in a community, a community which needs positivity, growth, development and that can come only when we respect experiences of others and learn from them rather than having to go through them ourselves and thus become a more evolved human being.

 It is being Non judgemental the highest form of  purity and eternity and the ultimate gift to hmanity. 

Have a great day/evening.

Be Well

Coach Nupur.


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The Blame Game




Whenever we point fingers at others most of the fingers point towards us !!!







Often I find all of getting stuck in what is called the Blame game which makes us feel better to blame others for the situation that we are in today. There are certain situations which definitely are not in our control and beyond the boundaries of human expectations while there are some in which we blame others for bringing us to that point.

Let us try and analyze that situation in your life.

If you were to imagine a particular situation that you are or were in where you thought it was someone else’s fault and look at the situation again and experience all that went into creating the situation and then, ask yourself :

How is other responsible for the situation that you are in ?

How are you responsible for the situation ?

Only if you could take the responsibility of your thoughts and actions in that situation and ask yourself

What could I have done differently, taking the responsibility of the situation , that could have made a difference ?

Now look at the situation again, what is different in your thoughts ?

You will find that taking responsibility frees us from getting stuck or bound to the person and gives you the freedom to take charge and do something about it.

So don’t get hooked up in the blame game, be responsible and contribute.

Share your experiences with me.

Be Well

Coach Nupur


PS : Photographer : Michal Marcol, http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Gestures_g185-Point_p13133.html

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I Have A Dream

This is certainly true for me as it is my dream which keeps me moving in that direction.

A dream helps to cope with any situation that comes in life to move forwards making the destination worthwhile.

Do you have a dream ?

Come and share your dream !!!

Be Well

Coach Nupur

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What is your  definition of Success ?

Few definitions that you would find are :

  • an event that accomplishes its intended purpose
  • a state of prosperity or fame.

These are some definitions and many more that one would find but do all of these hold the same meaning for all.

It means something different to different people and thus the definition varies from person to person depending on situations/circumstances one is in and his/her values. it could mean things like :

  • Being Happy/Contended
  • Financially strong
  • Famous
  • Being a leader
  • Holding good position.

Now let us look at two different situations.

1) A person who is a CEO  of a reputed Public Ltd Company who is treated as a mentor, a leader and a successful person. Taking a second side of the same situation this person has very good connections and has loads of friends but does not help/support a friend who he/she knows might need support, as his /her friend is in a difficult life situation because he/she has  lost of a loved ones.

2)  Let us take a second example of a house wife who finds content and happiness in keeping her house in order and doing the best possible for her children and husband. She spends her lifetime doing selflessly for her family, relatives, friends without thinking of her needs and according to her she is very succesful as she provided a safe and nurturing environment for her whole family and friends.

Who do you think is successful and why ?

Please share your thoughts and feelings and make this a hot discussion.

Be Well


PS : This article is dedicated to an old friend who I met after long and who mentioned some of our common friends being successful. It was then that I had an urge to start this discussion so as to be clear about what is success ?

These are real life situations which most of us have experienced.


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Hi All,

Well we all have our own set of values and thinking and habits which we use on day today basis to live our lives.

If in current situation a fairy enters your life and gives you a wish that your life is surrounded with people who will not pass any judgements to your thinking or decisions.

Imagine how your life would be different and what will you experience ?

Share your experiences or views with me

Be Well

Coach Nupur

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Magic Mondays

Hi All,

Most of the times we find that we feel tired to start our day on Monday, the first day after the weekend.

Now let me ask you a question if I was to tell you that on each Monday you would receive a gift or win a lottery at the end of  the day would that make your Monday more exciting to work for ?

So it is only a perspective that makes a day exciting and worth to work for or not.

Share with me what are the ways you could make it so ?

Think about it and write to me.

Be Well

Coach Nupur

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Hello All, 

I was wondering as I was searching for truth of my life, my mission statement as to the same for you.

Do you know what are your core values which define who you are ?

Do you know what is the definition of success for you ?

Are you there and if not how to go about reaching there.

Share your thoughts with me.

Coach Nupur

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