What is your  definition of Success ?

Few definitions that you would find are :

  • an event that accomplishes its intended purpose
  • a state of prosperity or fame.

These are some definitions and many more that one would find but do all of these hold the same meaning for all.

It means something different to different people and thus the definition varies from person to person depending on situations/circumstances one is in and his/her values. it could mean things like :

  • Being Happy/Contended
  • Financially strong
  • Famous
  • Being a leader
  • Holding good position.

Now let us look at two different situations.

1) A person who is a CEO  of a reputed Public Ltd Company who is treated as a mentor, a leader and a successful person. Taking a second side of the same situation this person has very good connections and has loads of friends but does not help/support a friend who he/she knows might need support, as his /her friend is in a difficult life situation because he/she has  lost of a loved ones.

2)  Let us take a second example of a house wife who finds content and happiness in keeping her house in order and doing the best possible for her children and husband. She spends her lifetime doing selflessly for her family, relatives, friends without thinking of her needs and according to her she is very succesful as she provided a safe and nurturing environment for her whole family and friends.

Who do you think is successful and why ?

Please share your thoughts and feelings and make this a hot discussion.

Be Well


PS : This article is dedicated to an old friend who I met after long and who mentioned some of our common friends being successful. It was then that I had an urge to start this discussion so as to be clear about what is success ?

These are real life situations which most of us have experienced.



The Leader within You

All of us are born leaders , God gave each one of us a special gift in which we excel and thus it is our moral duty to respect what God has gifted us. The most important thing to do is to search within us the special quality that makes us, that represents us and tells us who we are.

So YOU can always nurture yourself and be the leader of your life, all YOU have to do is to nurture The Leader Within You.

So the how and where do we start doing it ?

YOU can start by defining who YOU are ?

  • Writing down your strengths..
  • Writing down your weaknesses.
  • Writing your goals.
  • Checking if these are aligned with your strengths.
  • If not then find the missing link.
  • Once they are aligned writing what stops You from reaching your goals.
  • Acting on the things that stop you.
  • Persistently trying to work on them.
  • Finally reaching your goals.

Though it seems like a long process and this is where a coach can help you and walk it with you.

Find the leader within you so that you can lead your life with satisfaction of being :


Ten Years from now do you want to look back and regret not having done this to fulfill your life ?

If you are already there achieving your dreams and Being the leader you are then I congratulate you and acknowledge you.

Come and share this with me on http://theacknowledgementcorner.wordpress.com/  or else here.

Be Well
Coach Nupur

Hi All,

Well we all have our own set of values and thinking and habits which we use on day today basis to live our lives.

If in current situation a fairy enters your life and gives you a wish that your life is surrounded with people who will not pass any judgements to your thinking or decisions.

Imagine how your life would be different and what will you experience ?

Share your experiences or views with me

Be Well

Coach Nupur

Here is a self discovery story,  Authentic ME,  of a young lady called Lisa.

As Lisa was sitting at the window watching her beautiful garden with Red Roses and yellow Sunflowers she felt a strong breeze of air touching her. She was enjoying her garden like she had never seen before and at that spur of the moment sun rose into the sky and sunshine fell on her face and slowly and slowly the rays went stronger and stronger and she felt as if it wanted to tell her – ‘Open your Eyes Now and see the real world’. Suddenly she felt live again and thought of writing what she was feeling and here is what she wrote :

It is time I express myself to the world and tell who I really am, the more I write  the more comfortable it gets and the more easier it gets to express my feelings and let go of them.  This continuous stream of feelings bottled up inside me would one day make a complete mess of the life that I live today. All these feelings need to come out lest  lead to loneliness and finally depression. As I write I discover that it is actually easy for me to write on myself though I find it so difficult to pen down my thoughts on any other subject. It is then I look back on my life, I find it is so because I have never let my feelings come out in front of others and all this while I have been lying to the world for who I am. I have been trying to move with the world accepting everything that came my way without ever thinking of expressing myself  of things, situations and people who were not even close to who I really  am. I was a People Pleaser. All the while I was afraid of showing my real self due to fear of rejection or fear of not being accepted or at times being different. Even my closest friends don’t know me ,  ‘ The Sensitive ME’.  So now how do I tell the world of my truth and also expect being accepted without  judgements, prejudices and advises.

What should I do and how do I prepare myself for it ?

And then she stopped as this was ‘The Time’ for action and she thought I must do something to move forwards.

Now is the time for world to discover The Authentic ME.

If you feel connected to any part of Lisa’s Story do share your experiences with me. Come forth and I would love to walk you through your journey.

Be Well

Coach Nupur

PS: The story is fictitious and so are the characters.

The Joy of having my virtual beautiful farm !


Hi All,

Here I am today sharing an experience  of mine which made me think.

As loads of people use Facebook as a social media so do I and sometimes to unwind myself I play some games on them. Farmville is one such popular, clean and sober game which I enjoy. After a few days I realised that game which was to unwind myself had become an addiction and I was in it more and more trying to reach to the next level. So I slowed down my pace and on one such day I went to my friends farm which was so beautiful that I enjoyed watching it. It was very soothing and pleasing to eye and mind and it is then I regretted of not enjoying  my beautiful farm till now. Sometimes in life we get so involved in all the activities that we just do not enjoy small pleasures of life which can offer all the joy we need.

Thus learning from experiences which help people to grow I found the joy within.

It is in small things we do every single day that joy can be found — The Joy Within all of us !!!!

Be Well and find your Joy within YOU

Coach Nupur

Magic Mondays

Hi All,

Most of the times we find that we feel tired to start our day on Monday, the first day after the weekend.

Now let me ask you a question if I was to tell you that on each Monday you would receive a gift or win a lottery at the end of  the day would that make your Monday more exciting to work for ?

So it is only a perspective that makes a day exciting and worth to work for or not.

Share with me what are the ways you could make it so ?

Think about it and write to me.

Be Well

Coach Nupur

Creating Vision !!!!

Hello Readers,

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2010.

Let me tell you a very short story :

Let us think of a winter day as it starts with mist and slowly and gradually the mist of the day settles down as all get  to their work.  As the day progresses the sun shows and it turns out to be a beautiful day. Now if we were to concentrate only on the misty beginning of the day then we would never get to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

The important moral of this short story is that if we don’t 

  • Create a vision of the possibility of the beautiful sunny life then we can never get to enjoy the same when we see it or achieve it
  • Another very important part is to appreciate or acknowledge the beauty without which it would not be pacifying

Thus it is utmost important to have a vision of life and then to slash it down to chunks which could be smaller vision or goals. So let us start the new year by jotting down your vision of your life.

What is it you would like to see achieved at the end of next 10 (ten) years ?

Now if we were to chunk it down to smaller goals and moving backwards what are the different goals you would like to achieve in next couple of years ?

As a first step what would you like to achieve in the current year 2010 ?

Write it down and honour me by sharing it with me !!!!!

Happy Vision Creating.