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I am inspired to write a story as if everything in the Universe is compelling me to, the feeling is uncannily similar to being a writer who evolves himself with his writings.

” What is it about this morning that gives me a vision of  being a writer ? ” thought Sally.

She had heard and read a lot about the visions in life one gets and she felt  as if she was actually dreaming about it or as if it was happening right in front of her and as if Universe was guiding her to do something, and that she had to open up to these possibilities. It was as if even the plant on her table was telling her to be inspired by its green foliage which was so subtle and serene. She had never felt anything like this before, she had heard many people talk and write about opening ones  frequencies and accepting what needs to be done rather than fighting it. Maybe it was her destiny that things, though not perfect, were falling into place slowly and gradually, at a pace which was slow for her, but maybe it was time  for Universe to have its own way. She suddenly had a vision of her signing her own book. She never thought that a simple story to start with would bring her to this vision and so she followed her heart and her vision and she was all set to attract her own destiny.

Sometimes there are moments like these which we need to embrace and let go of our limitations and just be in the moment and trust the Universe or the higher power to lead us. There are also times when we are too distressed only to block certain pathways by the universe, So trust the Universe and the higher power and it shall attract Your Destiny to YOU.



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